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The Second Largest China Foundry Industry Exhibition Is Coming

2010/7/19 15:57:46    From:

All nine pavilions of Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC) will be utilized to conduct The Fourth China International Foundry Industry (Tianjin) Exhibition (CIFE2010) in August 18th to 21st 2010.

As the largest country of casting manufacture and consumption, China plays an important role in the international foundry field.  With Tianjin as the core area, some of the circum-Bohai regions including Hebei, Shangdong and Liaoning etc. are considered as China’s foundry manufacturing base and world’s foundry manufacturing marketplace.  The mighty foundry industry base around Tianjin and Bohai districts will expand to the “Three Norths” regions and will be promoted to the domestic and global foundry market.  Therefore, CIFE2010 shall be worth of the name as the world’s second largest foundry exhibition. 

The development and open-up of Tianjin Binhai New Area which attracts numerous international investment projects has motivated an increasing investment to foundry industry in Tianjin.  Furthermore, three foreign-funded enterprises register in the area per day, which results in an investment market bloom.  In the coming 5 years, the investment to Binhai New Area will be expected to achieve over 1,000 billion.  Many renowned corporations set up plants in succession in Tianjin, such as Deshengmei, Kaihewei, Wandu, ASC, ALCAN, Tianjin Liuhe Magnesium, and Aotong.

CIFE2010 is going to make us of all the pavilions of BICEC whose total area is 30,000 sqm.  More than 130 main mediums will report on the track of this exhibition.  The mediums include: CCTV, TJTV, the Xinhua News Agency, People’s Net, China Business, and Tianjin Evening Newspaper and so on.

The sponsors of the second largest foundry industry fair consist of Institute of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry, Tianjin Casts Hammers the Profession Association, Tianjin Heat Treatment Industrial Institute, The Tianjin Society for Metals and one of the UFI members, Zhenwei Exhibition Group. Tianjin Government, Management Committee of Binhai New Area and Tianjin Economic & Technological Development Zone will have provided great supports.

Group prefectures will be specially set for the industry parks in this fair.  Management committees and corporations from over twenty Tianjin industry parks, such as Jinnan District, Xiqing District and Dongli District are invited to the spot for advertising negotiations.  It offers chances and a platform for the enterprises to know the Binhai New Area market better.  Besides, the managing commitment will continually invite more enterprises in development zones and large industry parks to have cooperation discussion.

August 18th to 21st 2010, the Fourth China International Foundry Industry (Tianjin) Exhibition will be observed the grand opening in BICEC.  Opinions and suggestions are welcomed to put forward.

Welcome to Binhai New Area! Welcome to CIFE 2010.