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China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment net— Debut platform for global new products and technology of petroleum

China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment (http://www.cippe.net, the former name - China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Network) was set up in 2004, focusing on reporting global new products and technologies in the petroleum industry, adhering to the strategic development direction of branding, professional and internationalization, promoting the technology exchange and equipment trade in the global petroleum industry, and accelerating the progress pace of China’s petroleum industry.

The website covers geology exploration, oil and gas reservoir, drilling, logging, oil production, equipment, offshore, storage and delivery, refinery and other professional fields. It includes seven sections: petroleum news and information, new products and technologies, petroleum equipment and trade, petroleum data, BBS, conference and exhibition, magazine. It has developed into the most professional portal website in China’s petroleum and petrochemical equipment and engineering technology industry.

The visitors to the website are mainly top managers, decision makers, designers and researchers, oilfield engineers, material purchasers and petroleum equipment traders. They locate in all the large oilfields in China, material purchasing centers, engineering companies, petrochemical companies, scientific research institutes and equipment manufacturing companies.

In 2007, the website cooperated strategically with the US Industrial Information Resources Co., Ltd. (IIR), combining resources of the two sides, providing China’s enterprises with accurate and effective information services for their oversea market development.

Up to November 2009, the total number of members of China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment (http://www.cippe.net) is 200,000. It is visited 8,000 times and the page is viewed 100,000 times averagely per day. The largest average number of day visits in one month is 18,000 times and that of views is over 200,000.