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Xinjiang Zhenwei

Xinjiang Zhenwei International Exhibition Co.,ltd,is affiliated with Zhenwei Exhibition Group. It is the biggest professional exhibition company in Xinjiang.

The convening of the forum on work in Xinjiang which is hold by the Central Government, and the debut of “one-for-one aid” policies, provide a rare historical opportunity for Xinjiang’s development. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to extend the scope of opening to the west, promote asia-europe cooperation with various fields, drive Xinjiang Great-leap-forward development and ensure the long-term stability. Modern Xinjiang even has more blessed advantages. Firstly, Xinjiang occupies an area of 1.6649 million sq km, accounting for one sixth of Chinese territory. It has a land border of 5600km (the longest boundary line in the province of China) bounded by eight countries: Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Secondly, Xinjiang boasts abundant natural resources of coal ,oil etc., as well as, Xinjiang is one of the provinces famous for its farming production. It is located in the geographic center of the Asian continent, and it is the main bridgehead for our country developing toward Central Asia, and it is also the frontier to strengthen regional economic cooperation with Central Asian Countries .

Xinjiang Zhenwei and governments in the Xinjiang autonomous region have good relations of cooperation at all levels. China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Exhibition, which is sponsored by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government, and co-sponsored by each relevant committee, hall, bureau and Xinjaing Zhenwei, has drawn unprecedented attention and support. The government at various levels also give priority aid to other projects of Xinjiang Zhenwei, such as ICIE, CIPPE Xinjiang and CXIAF.

Xinjiang Zhenwei has been holding exhibitions as below:
China Xinjiang International Construction Equipment Exhibition International Fair (XJICE)
China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Exhibition (ICIE)

China (Xinjiang) International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE Xinjiang )
China Xinjiang International Agricultural Fair (CXIAF)

Based on the the unique resources, geographic advantages and the advantages of cross-border trade of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Zhenwei formed a high-quality exhibition team which has a number of senior staff who have served the exhibition industry for one decade and is equipped with multi-lingual talents such as English, Russian, Uighur,etc. to serve for the show.

Shows held by Xinjiang Zhenwei had mesmerized the media.
XJICE, ICIE, CIPPE Xinjiang and CXIAF which are held by Xinjiang Zhenwei caught close attention and support from the government, the media, professionals and other concerns of the community. CCTV news presented the pomp of the CIPPE Xinjiang and CXIAF in August 1st and 12th , 2009 respectively.

Charitable Act Warms People's Hearts , Ethnic Unity Accelerates Co-prosperity of Each Nationality:
While creating value for the society, Xinjiang Zhenwei has been trying to become the preeminent company which has a high sense of social responsibility. Cooperating with Xinjiang Agricultural Professional Technology Institute and Urumqi Municipal Vocational University, Xinjiang Zhenwei, which organised the “Zhenwei class of exhibition economy” , is actively cultivating excellent talents for the society. Over the past ten years, Xinjiang Zhenwei has demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility which is also the company's spirit during the interaction between enterprises and the society. We take “dedicating to serving the country, pursuing preeminence, responding rapidly and acting quickly” as a core concept of corporate culture and always carry out as ever.

Welcome to our beautiful and charming Xinjiang!
You will easily be lost in admiration and imagination of the beauty of Xinjiang sceneries: grasslands, snow mountains , great deserts,Gobi ,the blue sky , the clear water and firmament.

By nature’s grace, Xinjiang will greet you with the unique physical characteristics as your first step at this miraculous land: Altai Mountains, Tianshan Mountains, and Kunlun mountains have been orderly arranged from north to south by nature, and Junggar Basin and the Tarim Basin are situated among them. Xinjiang is the important gateway connecting China and Central Asia, Western Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and it processes the distinct advantages in geography and resources. Moreover, the magic and beauty of Xinjiang will be reflected and testified through the magnificent, vigorous, powerful and bold natural scenery, the rich ethnic folklore and the exotic atmosphere. Xinjiang will be a magnet for travelers.